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Media Planning & Buying

Media plans are never created in isolation of the strategic development process, as it is an important element of the marketing. Media plans are developed with the understanding that there is more than one possible solution that might be acceptable. The goal is to arrive at a solution that is target audience specific and achieves the marketing objectives while maximizing the allocated budget.

The guiding philosophy is customization based on research. Each media plan is created to achieve the goals of the marketing plan and address the specific characteristics of the target audience. Our media planners and buyers negotiate with the media using experience, relationships, and savvy to obtain the best possible value for your advertising expenditures.


Generosity Marketing

Symfonic Marketing is helping companies put the meaning back into business. Creating a place that has an identity and a shared sense of purpose is no longer a moral imperative but rather a strategy for growth. ROI and profit are not goals; they are products of doing business right.

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